I know it’s a while since I wrote anything, the plans to compose trip reports and get up-to-date with sharing my outdoor photographs a distant memory.

In my defence, I did a personality type assessment in the summer, and I am of the type that is always active and planning the next thing, so it’s hardly surprising that once I’ve finished one adventure, I’m planning or packing for the next.

That said, the outdoor adventures continued apace in 2014, undertaking a number of day walks and backpacks across the British Isles, including my second successful TGO Challenge crossing in as many years. I’ve also discovered a liking for Dartmoor, and I hope to return frequently.

I also completed my first sportive on the road bike that I ordered over the internet in Plockton, just before I finished a pint and set off on my walk across Scotland, even though my training for the ride was hampered by a broken finger sustained on the Grey Corries in July.

The only things that slowed me down were a reorganisation at work, which took up time and energy, and a chest infection in November, which rendered me unable to anything other than cough for a fortnight. It was that which slowed down my peak-bagging on Social Hiking, but it did focus my mind on 2015.

So, what of 2015? Well, I have plenty of adventures lined up, and many more still in mind for the year ahead.

But you’ll hear about those in due course.