At some point towards the end of 2014, I turned my attention to the things I’d like to do in 2015.

Having completed one sportive on my little-used, but almost brand new road bike, I signed up for a few more. My place on The Great Outdoors Challenge was confirmed soon after. I’d also started to think about some other walks that I’d like to attempt to complete during the year.

Then, some kind folk pointed me in the direction of the BBC iPlayer and, in particular, an edition of The Adventure Show. For those not in the know, but unsurprising given the title, this is an adventure-cum-extreme sports show which is broadcast on BBC Two Scotland. The November 2014 edition featured a 1300km audax event in the highlands of Scotland.

After watching it, followed swiftly by a number of exchanges on Facebook, I’d decided to cycle the route too.

Amongst the melee of social network exchanges, most of which included the proclamation that I’m mad, it was pointed out that I’m not mad, I’m ambitious.

And thus, the idea of my “Ambitious Not Mad” 2015 was born. “What is that?”, I hear you ask.

Well, it’s very simple. I decided that, during all of my big walks and cycle rides, I could help raise awareness about a cause, and raise some money. So during 2015, I shall be supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Maps of all of my big walks and cycle rides will be added to my Social Hiking map. And, should you so desire to support my nominated cause, I have set up a JustGiving page.

“So, what will you be doing?”, I hear you ask. Well, here follows the summary so far.


My main walk of the year will be across Scotland as part of The Great Outdoors Challenge over the course of 15 days in May 2015 . You can view my preliminary route on Social Hiking, though it is subject to a few tweaks following receipt of comments from the route vetters.

I have also signed up to do the 10in10 Challenge in the Lake District on 27th June 2015, as part of team “Social Hiking”.

Other walks that I am planning to complete in 2015 are the Welsh 3000s and the route of Ramsay’s Round in the Highlands of Scotland, though I have yet to decide on dates.


My main ride this year will be a 1300km in Scotland, inspired by 2014’s Highlands, Glens and Western Isles Audax when it featured on The Adventure Show (BBC Two Scotland). As the event is not being held in 2015, a friend and I intend to cycle the 2014 route in early-July 2015.

Other cycling events will be made up of 100-200 mile sportive and audax events, which currently include the following routes.

The White Horse Challenge, 26th April 2015

Velothon Wales, 14th June 2015

Wiggle Peak Distict Punisher (Epic Route), 27th September 2015

So, this year looks like it’s going to get quite busy. I hope you’ll enjoy following my progress, help support the Multiple Sclerosis Society and maybe one or two of you will join me on an adventure or two.

Just remember, I’m not mad, I’m ambitious.